Ad Hoc Market Study on Transactions Multiples For Your Industry Sector


If you lack time or resources to conduct your own market research on valuation multiples, you can rely on Epsilon Research: with a dedicated team of financial analysts, access to its proprietary EMAT multiples databases, Epsilon can put together quickly ad hoc reports on transaction multiples of any industry sector.


What does Epsilon Sector Reports include ?

  • An initial list of recent  European M&A deals in the industry is sent, that can be completed by the customer
  • Selection by Epsilon & the customer of 10-12 relevant deals
  • Writing of Deal Reports by Epsilon analysts on each of these deals, with a view to calculate transaction multiples
  • Online access  to the selected Deal Reports
  • On option, Summary Report written by Epsilon (incl.: methodology, selected transactions, multiples synthesis)


Web access to EMAT detailed Deal Reports

  • Web access to the underlying  EMAT deal reports
  • Detailed analysis of each transaction: deal rationale and structure, target business lines and financials (restated), transaction multiples (calculation and analysis).
  • Detailed and systematic sourcing of information.
  • Email alert on updates of the deal reports


 Why order an Epsilon Sector Report ?

For corporate finance professionals (M&A, private equity, audit, valuation, etc.) as well as corporates (CEOs, CFOs), access to relevant information on recent transaction multiples on an industry sector is key. An Epsilon Sector Report will enable you to:

  • Establish quickly the “market value” of a private company
  • Complete your valuation work with a fully sourced  comparable multiples analysis
  • Value portfolio investments / exits
  • Study the competitive environment and valuation ratios of your industry
  • Follow valuation multiples on your industry with Epsilon’s email alert on newly published EMAT deal reports
  • Complete information you may have internally


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Our Customers

  • Private Equity Firms
  • M&A Advisers
  • Investment banks
  • Accountants
  • Professional Services
  • Equity Analysts
  • Corporates


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